Earl Shurtz

Earl has successfully completed a real estate career. He is a pilot, athlete, scuba diver, and a solo traveler. A graduate of Ohio State, he applies a small town perspective to his quest for knowledge and expression about religious history and its effect on present day man. E-mail Earl at earls@alink.com.

Hidden Light: A Historic Novel by Earl Shurtz

A historic mystery, in present day, goes from New York, Washington D.C., Paris, Rome, Germany with scenes in the Louvre and the Vatican.

Hidden Light is a historic mystery taking place in present day. The Knights Templar and the Catholic Church provide much of the background. David Schilling and Nancy Reilly display their small town, Midwest roots in scenes from Ohio to New York, Washington D.C., New Mexico, Germany, Paris and Rome. They each become a target for killing by the Opus Dei, while doing research about the lost books of the Bible. David Schilling is an adventurer, with the ability to survive many dangerous situations, with a combination of skill and luck. Nancy Reilly is a highly trained librarian working on her doctorate in historic research and document preservation. Questions about living descendents of Christ arise and the energy of evil forces to find and eradicate them.

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Hidden Light

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